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Hello and welcome to Screencappery, a comm for Screencap Adventures!

What's a screencap adventure? It's just someone playing through a game, taking screenshots and providing commentary all the way through. As for the term "screencap adventure" for this, I just came up with that out of the blue for my screencappy posts and it stuck, so there you go. You can call your posts whatever you like (Screencapadoodle go nuts), as long as they have lots of screencappy goodness.
Although I'm considering opening this up to videos with commentary too, but I'm not sure yet. :O That seems more like a Let's Play thing. HMM.

If you've never done one or want to start, you should read this helpful tutorial!

What's this comm for? Mostly this is a kind of notice board for when your screencap adventure updates! If someone doesn't want to friend your LJ or is just interested in your screencap adventure and nothing else (because you're a big nerd, traits that I'm sure we all share), all they have to do is watch the comm! Basically, post notes of your updates! Or even post the adventures here, if you like. Up to you. I WON'T MIND EITHER WAY REALLY


- LJ-CUT ANY IMAGES except maybe one or two teasers. But anything that stretches out my 800x600 friendspage makes me all >( so plz try to avoid that. Or I will abuse my modly power and cut you. CUT YOU.

- If you have an index for your adventures (and I really recommend making one like this or this or this) make sure to link to it along with your update notice! That'll make it easier to keep track of. We also have a wiki. :B

- If you can tag stuff totally tag it with like, the game name and I dunno...company and your name? I don't know if we'll get big enough for that, although try to keep duplicate tags to a minimum.

- A sense of humor about your game is A++++++ because I would rather read a screencap adventure that makes me laugh rather than one that's gushing and fawning. Not that saying or thinking your game is the best game ever made isn't allowed, but I do appreciate me some goofyness.
Although on the other hand, if you're not a funny person, you can just leave it at caps and the occasional comment as opposed to trying too hard, if you really think you'll screw it up. IT'S YOUR DECISION

- Music/remixes for your game is not required, but if you want to include it that is up to you. :D

- Preferably, if some other person is doing the game you wanted to do, try and do a different one. Unless it's an open-ended one like, I dunno... Pokémon or Harvest Moon or something. Although if someone finishes their post and like, a few months go by then I guess you can do it again with your own commentary, as long as they're not back to back and some time has elapsed. I think.
HOWEVER if someone's started an adventure and hasn't posted in a long time and you really want to do it instead, by all means email them and ask if you can take it over for them. Just make sure you ask and get that all cleared first! But ideally I'd like to avoid people squatting on games that other people want to do, if you know what I mean.

- On that note, this is for games with (some) semblance of a plot, so Sims 2 type pictoventures where your Sims merrily gay around is awesome but not entirely what we're looking for. Ideally your game will have a definite beginning and end. Mostly.

- And as a subcorollary to that, if you're doing something like my Starcon2 Secret Theaters where you're making fake screencaps that follow some kind of plot then you can post those here too I guess? :O I don't know if anyone else is going to do that, I just wanted to make a proviso so I can post my own. I AM ALL POWERFUL.

-There's no age restriction or anything on your games, so if you want to do a new one then go for it. :O It's just that older games are easier to screencap in most cases. BUT IF YOU WANT TO DO IT I CAN'T STOP YOU.

Uh I can't think of anything else. If you got questions or something contact me at zarla what with their new lj mail system or Astronia@aol.com or whatever and I will try to address it or something? I AM AN AWESOME COMMUNITY MAINTAINER I CAN TELL.

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