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Usborne Science Puzzle Adventures: Doctor Genius and the Mad Scientists – The Flask of Doom

In my previous Usborne entries I always suffered from a faint sense of inadequacy, quite aside from the discomfort of stretching the definition of a “screencap” on a LiveJournal community that, like the platform itself, is effectively defunct. There were dozens of these things, so where do I get off doing only a handful, unlike all those other nostalgia blogs which race through dozens of children’s and teen books from the 90s? That’s why I’m starting a new series dedicated to documenting the entire Usborne Science Puzzle Adventures series! All two of them.

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Putt Putt Goes to the Moon - Full

So I set up an entire post in Livejournal for my first one, and then it wouldn't let me post it due to it being too big, so I got lazy and went to my wordpress to post it since thats where I was hosting all the caps.

So if you'd like to read it, its here

I understand if the mods dont want me posting about mine since its not technically on this site, if thats a problem let me know.