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Suikoden Tierkreis, Part 24

Good morrow, dear children. This is Lady Nighteyes with another exciting episode of "Let's Play Suikoden Tierkreis!" Last time we beat up a hilariously dorky-looking monster and met the resident woobie. This time, the plot gets moving again.

First things first: Last time, an anon wanted to see the different menu sets. Window Set 1 is the default, which we've been seeing. This is Set 2:

Set 3:

Set 4:

Set 5:

Anyway, back to the story. We were just leaving El-Qaral.

That is some seriously impressive hair.
Sieg: Who are you?
Woman: Listen up! That cold-blooded woman running the show is a horrible, horrible viper! She used that young fool to get what she wants, then discarded him like a load of trash!
Which "young fool"?
Woman: Understand?! If you know what's good for you, you'll cut all ties with that brood of vipers! Got it?!
...Then she vanishes.

...Well, that was weird. Let's see if it'll let us leave now.


Excuse me while I ignore the plot in favor of seeing what this is.

Sieg: I mean, why are they askin' us? If they wanna take a tour of the Arcane Academy, why don't they just go?
Moana: I don't think they just let regular people look around inside the Academy. That's why they want us to be the go-betweens.
Sieg: Oh, I get it. And the woman in charge of that place doesn't seem very accommodating, either.
That's putting it mildly.
Moana: Anyway, will you at least go talk to them? They're supposed to meet you near Mislato River.
Sieg: Okay, sure.
Cue teleportation to...

He doesn't look particularly "elderly" to me...
Sieg: Yeah, I'm Sieg, Zodiac Company's leader.

I think this lady is constantly standing in a localized windstorm, just FYI.

Sieg: I'm standin' right here, ya know. But it's true I ain't an adult, so whatever... So you're he guys that wanna go on a tour of the Arcane Academy?

No voice-acting, so I can't tell you how these names are meant to be pronounced, I'm afraid.

Geschutz: So, Sieg, will you accept our request?
Sieg: Lemme ask you a few questions first. What do ya wanna see the place for anyway?
Geschutz: Well...

No point making Sieg any dumber than he already is.

Is that supposed to be a smile? It frightens me.
Geschutz: We use mage arts in our country as well, but to nowhere near the extent that Janam does. And so we came here from across the sea in the hopes of visiting the birthplace of mage arts.
Minen: Of course, we aren't saying we want to study at the Arcane Academy or anything that audacious. But as long as we're here, we'd like to at least see the hub of mage arts.

Sieg: We borrowed it from the Magedom.
Geschutz: You did? Well, this is a happy turn of events, then.
Minen: Could we see it?

The sheer bluntness of that line amuses me greatly.
Minen: Why not?
Sieg: There are some weirdos out there after that book. Sorry, but I ain't got any way of knowing whether you're teamed up with 'em or not.
Minen: What a rude child! Being suspicious of people like that without any grounds!
Geschutz: No, Minen. His fears are understandable. He's right. We don't have anything to prove we are who we say we are. Let's come back later.
Minen: All right...

Sieg: Sorry, guys.
Geschutz: No, please don't give it another thought.
Minen: Right. Nothing for you to feel bad about.
Sieg: Okay.

...Well, that was weird. Let's head back to the castle.

Sieg: Yeah, but that's why we gotta help! To make sure they win!
Liu: Well, that may be the case, but I get the feeling we shouldn't stick our necks out too much. YOu know, with all the trouble brewing in the Magedom these days.
Cougar: Yeah, I'm starting to get that feeling as well.
Sieg: We can worry about that later! First, let's take back Ladzaa Fortress and get Cougar home!

Liu: Good. So who are you going to take with you? We can't afford to leave the castle undefended, so it'll have to be just you, Cougar, and a few others.
Sieg: Yeah...

We're fighting Order soldiers again, and they're weak to Strike attacks and resist Slash and Pierce. Hence the rather odd party. And yes, Sieg is actually able to use a staff.


Cougar makes scary faces when he's angry.
Sieg: Who needs glory? As long as we reach the Gateway and get you home, I'm happy.
Cougar: Sieg, I...
Sieg: Hey, don't go thankin' me again. I wanna get ya home, but we don't know how this'll go until we try it.
Catchphrase Count: 12
Cougar: I understand. I'll wait until we get to the Gateway. You know, it's strange. This Order of the One True Way, or whatever they call themselves... there were people in my world like them, who ended up doing the same kind of thing.
Sieg: Really?
Cougar: Their name was different, though. My tribe, the Furious Roar, were in the middle of a war with them. I served directly under the King of the Furious Roar, you know!
Sieg: So that's what you meant when you said you had a duty to perform?
Cougar: Right.

This is just a reminder that the way Cougar's ears flop over when he's sad is very cute.
Sieg: Well, you'll know pretty soon! You can see for yourself!
Cougar: Yeah.


Where did you guys come from?


Sieg: Just as planned!
Cougar: The Mage Company's spearhead attack should be coming any second.

That's definitely something we're good at.

More losers.

Sieg: The Mage Company should have made their attack by now, right?

Mo' like TSUNberto amirite?
Sieg: Right, right.
Roberto: I don't have time for your insults! A powerful band of foes has made a counterattack from Ladzaa Fortress!
Cougar: A counterattack?!
Roberto: The Magedom forces spearheading the attack were all but obliterated! The survivors haven't been able to make a retreat and are stranded on the bridge!
Nice going, Shairah.
Roberto: The Blades are doing all we can to hold back the enemies on this side.
Though they are probably severely hindered by the fact that everyone resists their attacks.
Roberto: We need you to go to the aid of the Mage Company forces on the bridge!
Sieg: Huh?
Sieg "Huh"? Count: 69


Roberto: You mean you'll do it?
Sieg: You went to all the trouble of comin' to ask us. How could we say no to good ol' Roberto?
Roberto: I told you, it's not me who's asking! It's Commander Chrodechild!

And then he flees before I can add "Baka." to the end of any more of his lines.

Cougar: Sieg... I appreciate your determination, but let's not get reckless.
Sieg: Hey, we won't know how reckless we have to be until we try!
Catchphrase Count: 13
Entering the next screen starts an animated cutscene. 8:39-9:01

Sieg: Huh?
Sieg "Huh"? Count: 70
Cougar: What's the matter, Sieg?
Sieg: I've seen this guy somewhere before...

Uh... I think there was a translation error here, 'cause Vaslof was the one doing the saving, and Sieg was one of the "fleeing children."
Resno: Yes, I recall. So that was this guy?
Sieg: Now I remember! You're the one who helped us that day!
Vaslof: So you remember at last? Who could have foreseen you'd become a foe of the Order and we'd meet on the battlefield like this?
*raises hand*
Vaslof: Indeed our fates must have been intertwined, as determined by the One True Way...
Sieg: What a letdown. I thought you were on our side, but you're just another one of the Order.
Vaslof: That's right. The Auster Folk have joined the Order as one people.

Vaslof: What do you mean?
Sieg: I don't wanna fight someone who's done me a favor, so I thought I'd at least thank you first.

I will be forever grateful to J.K. Rowling for giving us the phrase "saving-people thing" to describe things like that.
Sieg: Cougar...
Vaslof: Ha ha ha ha! I like you two.
Resno: But do you really expect to hold us back, when we have demolished the Magedom's elite forces with ease?
Sieg: We won't know until we try!
Catchphrase Count: 14
Vaslof: As you wish. You leave us no choice.

...FORTY-TWO? From a co-op attack where Selen beats them senseless for so long that Jale just sighs and facepalms? I sense Hopeless Boss Fight.

Vaslof: Ha ha ha ha! You aren't exactly pushovers yourselves!
Resno: You certainly put up a better fight than that Mage Company.
Vaslof: I must apologize for my inexcusable behavior at Cynas.
Sieg: Huh? Whaddaya mean?
Sieg "Huh"? Count: 71
Vaslof: In my ignorance, I judged you as mere children simply from your appearance. This was an insult to such talented warriors. Forgive me.
Sieg: You say that, but it's clear you were holding back just now. That's what annoys me more!
Vaslof: I concede you are strong, but not strong enough to be our match yet. You have realized this by now, no?
Sieg: Yeah, and that's what annoys me!

Cougar: Sieg! Don't worry about me! We'll have other chances, right?
Vaslof: This is not the time or place! If you stay here you'll be cut off and surrounded by the Order!
Sieg: So now I owe you another debt...
Vaslof: Don't mistake my intentions. We will cross swords again, once your strength is greater! GO now! It would be a shame to die in such a futile fashion!
Sieg: Argh!

Well, that could have gone better. Next time: the aftermath. Nighteyes out.

Current scores:
Catchphrase Count: 14
Sieg "Huh"? Count: 70


Dec. 30th, 2013 03:19 am (UTC)
"My name is Geschutz."
Jan. 4th, 2014 11:01 pm (UTC)
Thanks for showing off the different windows! I actually think that Window Set 5 looks really fitting, and the purple of the default kind of clashes a lot in contrast...

The "Shady Old Woman"'s hair is hair? I always assumed that it was an elaborate hat...

Geschutz, Buchse and Minen all appear to come from completely differing design schools. There isn't really any common theme to them... If they weren't all drawn in the same style, I don't know if I'd assume they were from the same game. Minen has a kind of Fire Emblem look to her.

Also, I don't know why anyone should resent that Zodiac Company has to lead the charge on Ladzaa Fortress. They were always pretty likely to be the strongest and most competent soldiers around, if only because they're the protagonists. Maybe it would have been more interesting if they were just playing a secondary role in the battle...?

Also, can Vaslof really do all the stuff he does without being accused of insubordination? ...Probably not. Must've been the One True Way, no insubordination possible!
Oct. 5th, 2014 08:11 pm (UTC)
I can't believe this adventure hasn't been updated since last year; it really doesn't feel like that long ago. lady_nighteyes, take it from me that, whatever happened, I really enjoyed this. Thank you for your efforts.
Oct. 10th, 2014 05:19 am (UTC)
I'm still alive, if it helps. :::PPP While the issue that made me stop in the first place has been resolved, I haven't found myself able to continue this so far mostly because I got hit with a "must play something new instead of something I know" bug. I'm still hoping to continue this sometime (there's something like 2/3 of another update on my hard drive, even), but it's just... not happening yet.

(That said, among the games I've played during this break was Tales of the Abyss, which handles the theme of rebelling against destiny with far more thought, tact, careful use of the medium, and non-execrable voice acting, so I might end up making a few extra unflattering comparisons. Abyss even addresses the issue of the inherent linearity of the script, albeit indirectly.)
Dec. 13th, 2014 08:51 pm (UTC)
I played the 3DS port of Tales Of The Abyss a little while ago, and always thought the protagonist actually got a bit more flak than he really deserved - as opposed to the protagonists of Suikoden Tierkreis, who I don't remember ever really suffering or having any real problems. Maybe time and memory are amplifying both games in my mind beyond their reality; I hope we'll get a chance to find out.


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