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Exit Fate - Part 1

Hey, there! Name's Keltena, and I'll be screencapping the freeware RPG Exit Fate for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy~

Here we are at the title screen. I hope you're getting hyped!

...okay, seriously, are you hyped?

Let's hope so.

It was a dark and stormy night...

And inside the castle, a young man was pacing restlessly...

Young man: Well? How is it?

Young man: Twice, you say?
Doctor: Yes, my lord, a boy and a girl. Both appear to be in good health.
Young man: I see... two children... That's unexpected.

Doctor: It was a terrible experience for her ladyship. She was clearly weakened by her recent illness, but even then... it was...
This is definitely going to be good news...

Doctor: M-My lord!?
Young man: But... knowing it would happen...

This cutscene would be quite important if anyone actually remembered it by the time it becomes relevant.

so i herd u liek walls of text? c: Better get used to the international politics; you'll be seeing a lot of 'em~.

We now cut to this pleasant scene~ I wonder who that man is?

I don't think I want to be his friend. :c

AAAAH IT'S THE SCARY MAN RUN FOR YOUR oh wait he doesn't look scary anymore. Phew. I suppose that was all a dream then!

Despite his slightly scary introduction, Daniel is actually a kind, pleasant person who believes in justice, happiness, and world peace. c:

Who is this person and why are her eyes perpetually closed. =|

Angel: Well, it's no wonder. You must be full of energy after sleeping that long.
Daniel: Haha... I'm sorry. I'm not setting a very good example, am I?
Angel: It could be better.
Daniel: But then again... I'll soon be leaving the comfort of my room. Who knows how long it'll be until I can sleep in my own bed again. I should enjoy it while it lasts, don't you think?
Angel: What a convenient excuse. But... it's true. The first battle is already looming on the horizon. No doubt we'll be sent off in the near future.

See? All he wants is for everybody to stop fighting and start giving each other hugs~ n_n
Daniel: Aren't you tired of hearing that from me yet? Sure, I feel strongly about these things, but there's a right time and place for protest. When I'm around friends, I don't want to ruin the mood.
Angel: Anyway... I came to see you for a reason. The generals' meeting should be over by now. I was just on my way there to look for Jovian. Do you want to come along?
Jovian = Daniel and Angel's BFF.
Daniel: Oh, right, it was this morning, wasn't it? Are you anxious to hear what they called him in for? Well, it's not like we don't know already. After the sudden death of General Russel, they've been rushing to find a replacement in time for the operation. It's plain to see why they invited him to the meeting.
Angel: We don't know for sure yet. Besides, if it's really about his promotion, this meeting will make it official. At least pretend you're suprised, all right? It's a big deal for him. You know that.

Daniel: It's in the meeting hall at the far end of the castle, right?
Angel: Yes. Let's go.

Walking through a castle where every room looks the same is clearly every gamer's dream.

Daniel and Angel are both colonels, thus meriting respect. =]

I swear, I always end up going up these staircases and then coming straight down again due to the way they're positioned. I need to learn not to hold down the up key. ^^;

This nice fellow here will upgrade your weapons for you.


And I finally found it, too! Now I'm going to have to get lost again and find my way back. :<

...why am I getting this sudden sense of impending doom?

Or maybe it's just an impending annoyance. Phew!
Daniel: What a pleasure to see you again.
Dear god, is that sarcasm coming from Daniel? Hell may just have frozen over.

Bruce is another of the several mysteriously white-haired characters in this game.
Bruce: He sure is lucky. He'll probably get command of the third legion. That must be good news for you. Oh, I forgot. You're a pacifist, so it's bad news.
I can't quite see why anyone can call Daniel a pacifist, personally. He is, after all, the main character in an RPG. It's actually impossible to win the game without having him stab people!
Angel: Daniel, just go. We don't have time for this.
Daniel: Yeah, you're right.
Bruce: Running away again? Fine, go ahead. Why don't you run away altogether? We're better off without people like you.
Daniel: As I thought, a pea-brain like him just can't understand my motivation.
Fun fact: Bruce is the only person in the game Daniel is ever rude to.

Daniel: A coward, Bruce? Are you calling me a coward? You were there with me, weren't you? Eight years ago. We fought together. Tell me now, was I ever a coward? Did I ever run?

Daniel: Grow up, Bruce.
Ooh. Burn. =O
Bruce: Shut up! Just shut up! Don't treat me like I don't know anything! This is an army! We're here to fight! If you don't like it, get out!
Nice speech, but I think he could do with using a few more exclamation points. OTL

Bruce: G-General!

And here's the genius strategist himself! I feel honored.
Bruce: Me!? What about him!?
Keyser: No excuses! I'm personally responsible for your behavior. As long as you're under my command, you follow my orders. If you get riled up so easily by one of our own officers, what will happen if you're taunted by the actual enemy?

Bruce: ...Yes. I apologize, General.
Keyser: As for you, Colonel Vinyard... You should know better than this. I don't want to see a scene like this again.
Daniel: I took it too far. I apologize.
...why do I get the feeling he's not really sorry...?
Daniel: You'll accept my apologies too I hope, Bruce?
Bruce: Whatever...
Angel: General Keyser, has the meeting ended?
Keyser: Hmm? Oh, yes. The meeting's been over for a while. The others stayed behind to discuss some other matters, but it'd be okay for you to enter now.
Angel: So Jovian's still inside?
Keyser: He was speaking to General Eander when I left. If you hurry you can still catch him there.
Angel: Thank you, sir. Let's go, Daniel.
Daniel: Yes... We've wasted enough time here.
Off to the meeting hall at last! ...If I can find it again.

Here we are~ ...Hey, who's that coming?

Aaand here's General Leonius. He looks like he hasn't been sleeping well. :c
Daniel: General Leonius...
Leonius: You are... some of the division commanders who used to serve under General Russel, aren't you?
Daniel: Yes, we are Colonel Vinyard and Colonel Windsor, third legion, second and first division respectively.
Got it memorized?
...don't hurt me. >>
Leonius: Ah, I see... You must be here to see Jovian Knight then.
Daniel: Is he still inside?
Leonius: Oh, yes. He is. Well, you know what it's about, don't you? The decision's been made, as much as I have my doubts about it. He's still so young, and reckless to boot. Maybe in ten years, once he'd matured some, he could be a good general, but now?

Leonius: Whenever the other generals have already made up their minds, it's pointless to argue against them. They just won't listen.
That's very nice but can we go see our BFF now? =/
Leonius: They treat me as if I'm not important at all. I'm the general of the fourth legion! I command a quarter of the royal army!
No, really, you can stop talking now.
Leonius: What would I have to do to get them to listen to me? Would they walk all over me even if I were king?
Help! Dx

Leonius: Oh, uh... Yes. I'm sorry. Please excuse me.

Oh hey you're a general now aren't y--OH RIGHT, don't spoil the moment.
Daniel: Hey, Jovian.
Angel: Well, Jovian? How did it go?
Jovian: Heh... Guess what, you two?
You're actually my father! No, wait, disturbing thought. Uh... you've actually been a ghost the whole time! Wait, that's also weird...
Jovian: From now on, I'll be General Knight, commander of the Kirgard third legion!
Angel: Congratulations, Jovian! That's incredible!
Angel is such a good friend and sensible person that it kind of grates on my nerves sometimes.
Daniel: Yeah, you finally made it. Well done.

Eander: He has only four weeks to adapt to his new position and ensure the third legion is ready for battle.
Daniel: Four weeks... So the exact date has already been decided?
Jovian: Not just that. The plans for the whole invasion are all ready. They've been prepared in secret over the past few months.
I wonder if this game has spies. Spies are sexy. :3
Jovian: We're going to be the vanguard. We'll attack Jargo Port City, at the northern tip of Helman Island. From there we'll be in a good position to take the Kelsinger pass.
Eander: Once the pass is in our hands, General Leonius and his fourth legion will meet up with you. Together, you will lay siege to the capital of Harlinton and force them to surrender.
Capital of Helman Island. Not capital of Zelmony.
...what? It confused me!
Eander: After the island has been conquered, General Keyser will join you to prepare for the assault on the Zelmony mainland.
As for Eander and the first legion, they're just going to stay behind and protect Kirgard's capital. No sense of adventure, I tell you!

Daniel: Jargo Port City is the first target, huh? It'll be easy to take them by surprise, so that means... The Kelsinger pass will be the first major battle.
Jovian: But enough about that! We'll save this discussion for another time. Right now, I want to celebrate my promotion! Let's go somewhere else! I know just the place! See you, General.

It's an idyllic spot in the woods. What could be more special?
Jovian: Don't you remember? We've been here before.
...That too.
Daniel: We have? Hmmm... it does look a little familiar.
Jovian: I can't believe you two forgot! We've been here before as children! My parents took us all along. It was the first time we ever visited the capital.
Oh, how sweet, they're childhood friends~
Angel: Oh, I remember now. We went into this forest to play.
Jovian: See! You do remember!

Daniel: To think we're still together, after all these years since we left Levier.
What are you saying? It's the rule of childhood friends that you'll always be together! ^_^
Jovian: It must be fate that brought us here! We were destined to fight together.
Sure, I guess that works too...
Daniel: Jovian...

Angel: Not now, Daniel...
Jovian: It's all right, Angel. He's worried about the war. As he should be. We all should be. But Daniel, this has always been my dream. You know that.

Jovian: I know you don't want this, so why haven't you left the army? Is it for our sake that you're still here?
Daniel: No, it's nothing like that. Jovian, you remember how it all got started. We joined the army eight years ago, when the Almenga empire attacked us. We signed up because we wanted to defend our homes. If it came to that again, I would fight without hesitation.

Angel: Yet... you're still coming with us.
Daniel: It's not that I'm a hypocrite. Well, maybe I am, but... I'm a colonel here. I have influence, even if it's just a small amount. There's a chance I might chance things. If I left the army, what would I have left? The war would go on regardless. Jovian... don't you think this war is wrong?
Jovian: I do. It's wrong. There's nothing right about tramping over the lives of others for your own gain. But that goes both ways. Kirgard and Zelmony have always been fighting over small plots of land. They've grown too far apart for reconciliation. I'm sorry to say this, Daniel, but it's not going to change no matter what you tell them.
Daniel: But... it's better to try than to just go along with it!

Jovian: I wish that we could do it your way, but it's impossible. The people are too stubborn. There's no way we'll ever achieve stability as long as both countries exist. We have to bring down the State Union and create a single, strong empire instead.

Jovian: It's wrong, but I'm willing to do the wrong thing to achieve my ideals. Someone has to make that sacrifice for it to end. I don't want this to be another temporary measure. We have to go all the way. I can't hesitate, and I can't turn back. But I want you to be on my side, Daniel.
Daniel: Jovian...

Jovian: Oh! I completely forgot! Don't you remember why we came here as children? There's a cave! Right over there!

Daniel: Jovian!
Angel: He hasn't changed a bit. He was always running off like that as a kid.
Daniel: And we were always running after him...

And off they go.

Daniel: Did you find anything?
He found a cave! What more could you want?
Jovian: Not yet. Let's go inside and take a look.

What will our three heroes find inside the cave? What will become of Helman Island? What sinister secrets will the three unlock about the truth behind the war with Zelmony?
The answer to the last one is, "None." But as for the others, the only way to find out is to pop in next time on the Exit Fate Screencap Adventure!
...or you could play the game. That works, too, I suppose.



Apr. 30th, 2009 07:53 pm (UTC)
Wow, the sprites in this are really distinctive. It's definitely a style I haven't seen before.

...will the three unlock sinister secrets about why everyone and their brother is white-haired?
Apr. 30th, 2009 08:41 pm (UTC)
Yep; it took me a while to get used to them, but I now find them quite pretty.

I'm afraid not. v_v They may, however, unlock a few secrets about *drumroll* themselves...
May. 1st, 2009 06:40 am (UTC)

i'm going to say there's an 80% chance that angel is going to die
May. 1st, 2009 02:34 pm (UTC)
it's always the ones with waist-length black hair

...wait what I just confused myself.
May. 1st, 2009 01:55 pm (UTC)
I had hoped that "Jovian Knight" was a title. I really, really hoped. But no. Was this translated from another language into English? Because otherwise, there's no excuse.

Other than that: Looks great! Play on!
May. 1st, 2009 02:35 pm (UTC)
It's not translated from another language. I don't think the guy who made it spoke English as his first language, though.

Will do!


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